Polypropylene Horizontal Centrifugal Pump

P.P. Horizontal Chemical Process Pump of “Bhagwati Engineering Works” is a pump that is similar hydraulic design to any conventional centrifugal pump. Standard dimension process pumps with mechanical Polypropylene-Pump-ExporterSeal/ Gland packing arrangement covering all of the chemical industries. These pumps gives you unusual protection against corrosive & abrasive.

The Salient Features of P.P. Horizontal Chemical Process Pump
The volute chamber is one piece, heavy, joint less design is manufactured from Poly-Propylene a chemically inert thermoplastic by the use of an exclusive moulded process.
All the wet-end parts of these pumps are in solid moulded construction to with stand corrosion and erosion.
The impeller is semi-open type hydraulically balanced by back vanes, used in our all pumps to suit both clear & polluted fluids.
Distance piece of pumps are made from Poly-Propylene so no corrosion problem can pump leakage.
The bearing bracket made from heavy-duty graded casting coated with anti corrosive paint.
Reliable fixing of impeller on the shaft by direct thread.
Centrifugal quiet, vibration free.
The complete pump-rotating element can be withdrawn towards the motor end without disturbing the suction or delivery pipeline, due to its back pull out design. The motor remain fixed to base plate. The pump rotating element can easily be dismantled into its component. After re-assemble no time consuming re-alignment is necessary.


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